Inktober 2016

It's the start of of October so it means one thing , time to upload my first drawing for Inktober 2016. Inktober is a month long celebration of Ink drawings , sketches ,  doodles and scribbles. for 31 days I and many others will upload a new ink drawing to Facebook , twitter or Instagram with the #inktober2016 to share our works. Started back in 2009 by Illustrator Jake Parker who wanted people to share and use this month to improve and grow artistically in a positive environment. What I think is great about Inktober is everyone takes part from students all the way to successful Artists in the public eye and its all for fun and to share.

This is the first year I have decided to give it a shot I hoping to use this month as a chance to experiment and test out some  potential ideas. Im planning to spend a hour a day make my doodles and will be sharing them on Instagram everyday for the month.

Why not join in with the month of doodles